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miss A Fei, ‘Do You Want a Diet? Dance Sports Is the Key’

miss A Fei, ‘Do You Want a Diet? Dance Sports Is the Key’ :

Girl group miss A’s member Fei advertise dance sports as the best way to lose weight.

In a recent interview with OSEN, Fei brightened up when she was asked about dance sports and said, “It’s completely different from the dance used for girl groups, even starting from the muscles it uses. Controlling the amount of strength is important and you need coordination with your partner.”

She continued, “I dedicated 3 hours each day to dance sports while I was in ‘Dancing With the Star 3.’ Because of that, I definitely lost weight but I feel healthier and happier too. It’s so much more rewarding than losing weight from controlling what you eat.”

She also said, “My teachers keep telling me that they want me to continue. I also really want to continue this as a hobby.”

Fei became the winner in MBC “Dancing With the Star 3.”


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